High quality bespoke printed folding cartons and Litho laminated packaging

Bespoke printed packaging is the closet to free marketing that any business can achieve. Products need to be packed, whether sold on the internet or moved from point of manufacture to point of sale.

At a fraction of the cost of paid advertising, reach your audience by turning a plain packaging into a mobile billboard.

Add a message, include images or advertise your other products and special offers.

Packaging should not be thought of as just a means of getting your goods from A to B, but more like a shop window, peered into by lots of potential new customers – from the delivery driver to those handling the recycling.

Why use bespoke packaging?

Bespoke printed packaging is a great way to promote and add value to your product.

Bespoke boxes can increase shelf appeal and as boxes are often retained your brand continues to be promoted long after the contents of the box have been consumed.

There are a variety of materials and styles available. For small light items which are not particularly fragile then the most cost-effective solution is a folding box board carton. However if your product is larger and requires more protection we can produce boxes from more robust materials.

Acetate windows add a ‘see-through’ element to your carton allowing the consumer to visually see the internal product. We can also create bespoke internal fitments to ensure your product is held securely in place within the box. This can be produced from either a die-cut card or a high density foam.

There are numerous options for bespoke boxes and each has their advantages, if you are unsure which would be best for you then our Client Services team are happy to advise.

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