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BKT produces and distributes fulfillment campaigns across numerous product ranges of varying sizes and weights.

OralB Composite

OralB Carton


BKT Logo crop 2 Challenge

To produce a printed carton for Oral-B containing;

  • 8pp Leaflet
  • 2 x Postcards
  • 16 x Product Leaflets 
  • 16 x 15ml pastes and 1 x 175ml paste 


The box was to be of sturdy construction but compact in size, durable in transit and offer protection to the internal products.


BKT Logo crop 2 Solution

The original specification required 16 x Leaflets to be enclosed into a Branded envelope, however this did not fit comfortably into the carton so BKT proposed a printed Bellyband which the client favoured as a solution. 

The effective use of the bellyband saved costs and enabled the leaflets to be clearly visible to the recipient upon opening the carton.

All printed items were produced litho to ensure consistency of colours and company branding guidelines.  The outer carton was laminated to add protection and avoid scratches or scuffs.



BKT Logo crop 2 Benefit

With the flexibility of all our operations under one roof, BKT can move through the design, engineering, product development and production phases quickly and easily.


BKT Logo crop 2 Result

10,000 complete boxes were produced and fulfilled within a 2 week period.  The campaign has attained a positive response from our client and their recipients.


OralB LeafletBKT Logo crop 2 Testimonial

Thanks for this!  I think it looks super cool! Really great we are delivering this quality for the client.


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