Integrated Marketing Solutions

Businesses can no longer afford a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing and in order to gain any real traction, your messaging must be consistent, and reinforced many times across many channels.

That’s why at BKT we believe our ability to integrate inbound marketing with direct mail is so important. It embraces the emergence of networked storytelling, capitalises on the growing importance of real-time information, and marks the first step towards unifying two traditionally separate marketing techniques into a single integrated multichannel marketing scenario.

We are always pleased to demonstrate to our clients the ease with which they can implement multichannel marketing campaigns capable of optimising any existing content marketing, lead generation, and prospect nurturing strategy.

Microsites / Landing Pages

Use your direct mail pieces to drive recipients to a unique and personalised landing page created especially for each recipient. You can personalise any aspect of your landing page including Headlines, Forms, Imagery, Calls-to-Action to reflect the individuality of all of your mail recipients. Our sites are fully trackable meaning that any mail recipient who visits can be automatically flagged and entered into an automated email or drip nurturing campaign.

Digital Products

Digital marketing is a huge part of everyday life and is in many cases the preferred standard method of communication for businesses. It can take just seconds for a customer to form an opinion on your brand an ultimately whether they want to engage with your organisation, so it is of the utmost importance to have excellent digital communication.

At Brown Knight & Truscott, we take care of the entire life cycle of your digital product – from the initial idea, throughout the design process right through to data management and distribution. With almost 200 years’ experience of creating outstanding marketing solutions, we can guide you safely through the pitfalls of creating impactful digital products to make sure that every element of the project is planned and implemented smoothly.

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