Our Environmental & Corporate Policies

BKT has a duty to it’s staff, customers and suppliers to provide a service that minimises the impact on the environment and our surroundings in general. Whilst we deliver solutions that provide measurable benefits for our clients, our very size places upon us a broader responsibility towards the communities within which we conduct our business and the wider environment.
Our environment policy is an extremely simple one: minimise waste, dispose of correctly and recycle wherever possible.
Not shown below, but just as important are the use of general common sense, a caring attitude for others and the ability to foresee problems.

Key points within the policy are:

  • Utilizing vegetable based inks from environmentally friendly producers
  • Participating in industry specific and other environmental improvement initiatives
  • Endorsing sustainable forestry through our paper purchasing policy and compliance with the Chain-of-Custody certification standards (PEFC and FSC®)
  • Allowing our clients to make an informed choice by providing them with information on the environmental impact of the goods and services we supply
  • The recycling of waste materials including the separating of part-printed and off cut white paper
  • Ensuring that we are as energy efficient as possible, both in our direct manufacturing processes and transport methods
  • Strictly complying with UK and EU legislation and recognising good environmental practice when we make purchases and investments
  • Minimising our consumption of energy and other natural resources, and maximising the efficiency with which they are used
  • Ensuring that our employees work in accordance with the best business ethical standards and environmental laws and regulations
  • Recommending, promoting and using recycled or recyclable materials, wherever possible such as:
    • 100% Recycled Silk/ Gloss/ Uncoated
    • 75% Recycled Silk/ Gloss/ Uncoated
    • 50% Recycled Silk/ Gloss/ Uncoated
  • Reviewing the above measures at regular intervals.


The BKT Management Team which, while ensuring we maintain ISO 9001 accreditation, are also responsible for our environmental policy, for which BKT are  ISO 14001 accredited (Environmental management systems – see accreditations page for more info).

Its members ensure that BKT – and our suppliers – adhere to the best environmental practice, including:

1 Understanding public concern about environmental issues
2 Keep lines of open communication concerning the impact of our products on the environment
3. Continually improve our knowledge of environmental issues and promote a ‘prevention of pollution’ approach
4. Communicate with our staff and introduce educational steps to heighten awareness of our impact on the environment
6. Promote the minimal use of energy and natural resources, whilst maximising the efficiency with which they are used.

We believe that the environmental policy of BKT has improved our business environment as well as the environment around us.

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