Does Direct Mail have a place in a Digital World?

Oct 8, 2018 | Digital Print

The direct marketing industry—like most industries—has been digitised. We are literally overwhelmed with digital marketing campaigns that bombard us from every angle. Is it digital overload? And is there room for the tangible printed item to be heard in the noise?

Personalised printed marketing material can be as targeted as digital mail, yet it differs to digital marketing because it actually arrives at its destination and into the hands of the recipient. On the contrary, e-mails are often blocked before even reaching an inbox.  If an e-mail does make its way into an overloaded inbox— depending on its subject title and the recipient’s mood—it may or may not even be opened and cast to the junk box before even unveiling its message. The poor e-mail, competing with millions of others, squeaking for attention.

There just isn’t as much competition in the standard mail box—we continue to receive fewer and fewer items of post. So your direct mail piece stands out, purely because of its tangible nature.

Getting into your prospective clients’ hands is the first step. An effective printed personalised marketing piece will draw the reader in with clear messages and sharp imagery, and must communicate your brand, products and services in a few words . You will have left a personal touch, a physical and visual feeling of your brand.

Any marketing campaign is as good as its data. If your piece is personalised and  targeted (to exactly what your client is interested in) the ROI increases 100 fold. And we have the data and cross media expertise to create campaigns that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

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